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  1. Thank you for taking the time to lay out these safe bets for schools.

    You made it easy to understand and I can see plenty of good reasons to move toward implementing them all.



  2.' Suzie Vesper says:

    Nice work Mr Hall! It’s interesting to see how many of these we are already implementing at our school.

  3. We have gone with Unifi wireless across our 5 schools in Upper Hutt- It has been in a couple of years and we have not experienced any problems. I consider the SNUP solutions over engineering for smaller schools. It seems a waste of resources when schools with perfectly adequate solutions already are ripping them out when SNUP comes to town because the providers will not guarantee the system unless you install new wireless. Example: one school I know spent $20K on an Aruba system 18 months ago and ripped it out when they were snupped a year late to be replaced with what is essentially the same system by another brand (ruckus I believe). 


    Info put out by Hapara on Google Classroom is sketchy as details are covered by non-disclosure Agreements:

    Yesterday Google announced Google Classroom.  This is great news for you, our customers, and for Hapara.  I have to apologize for not being able to communicate around this earlier, we are under heavy NDAs and even at this point cannot share as much as we’d like.


    Together we connect the data resource that is Google Apps to your students, teachers, and schools. Google Classroom will enable us to deliver more in-depth insight to you. Hapara will continue to offer a robust, pedagogically-driven solution for Google’s platform and focus on

    supporting blended learning, personalization, and making learning visible.


    Our community reaffirms Hapara is a “must-have” for schools and districts that go Google. The uncertainty that surrounds Google Classroom will clear, and we will be in a position to share more details soon.


    Thank you for your support.




    Jan Zawadzki, CEO, Hapara

    1.' Warren Hall says:

      Hi Nigel,

      I had missed that post on the Hapara Blog, and I am heartened to read that they are saying that Google Classroom is good news for both Hapara customers and Hapara themselves!

      Your experiences re wireless would appear to match my own, but adding wireless to the SNUP process has still been a boon for NZ schools.

  4. Great article Warren, nicely written and not too long or wordy – this will make sense to lots of people.


  5.' flow in says:

    Managed wireless networks are good, but even with massive discounts they are really expensive. We've got 50 cheap consumer APs – giving us 1Ap per classroom – and i can still do all the monitoring and control from a central platform. That's with client isolation, VLANS, QoS etc. etc. Plus, we can upgrade to the latest tech every few years for less than the cost of one of the recommended supplier's controllers….

    1.' Warren Hall says:

      Hi Flow,

      surely if you can monitor and control your 50 consumer APs centrally then you have a managed network? If you are would like to elaborate on how you are doing it then I would think that other schools would find it interesting.



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