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  1. […] my previous blog post I wrote about Universal Design for Learning or UDL. Frameworks such as UDL are underpinned by large body of pedagogical research, and reflect an […]

  2. […] It got me wondering if everything on the Web improves learning for everyone, not just for students with dyslexia (reading), dyspraxia (fine motor skills), dysgraphia (writing) and dyscalculia (maths). It seems to me that the UDL (Universal Design for Learning) framework offers some hope — I wrote more about this in a previous blog called UDL and Teaching. […]

  3. […] However, it would also be useful to start building such connections right through a “unit”. This may be achieved by presenting similar information at different times in different ways. Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles provide a framework whereby students can learn by watching, listening, reading, and demonstrating their learning (see my blog about UDL). […]

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