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  1. Thanks Dereck, I cannot think of a more powerful exposition of learner agency than this – and part of its power comes from its succinct focus. Certainly lots more within this high level view that I would love hear both you and us in our various educn web communities elaborate on.

    For me, the written points about interdependency are crucial. I believe that many schools are nudging or, in some cases, leaping towards greater student agency.

    I hope we can use this piece as a way to make explicit the thinking behind our actions. 

    For instance, I wonder if the IEP concept might be too shackled by its associations with only a subset of learners rather than the idea that each learner brings unique, but socially linked, desires, strengths, needs, and social/cultural resources?

    I will fire this around my workplace.






  2.' ed s says:

    Apols Derek, for the gratuitous "c" in my earlier spelling of your name!

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