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  1.' Rachel says:

    My students really surprised me with their use of Google Image search just recently. In our VLN Primary online class the students were having a competition to identify different flags. When i asked them about their research strategies, one school was using an atlas, another had found a flag website and was checking that, another was randomly guessing and one clever cookie was taking screen snips and uploading them into the google image search and finding perfect matches very quickly. Wow i didn't even know you could do this!

    Here is the tutorial that shows you how this works.

    Another cool google search tool alongside this one is the voice search. This is really useful to improve accessibility for children with special needs and for younger children. Try it out – it works for very simple words, but more complex ones it doesn't always pick up.

    1. David Bailey says:

      Thanks for sharing this experience and the helpful link, Rachel. There's certainly a lot more there in Google Images for the inquisitive. How wonderful to watch the natural ingenuity of children and young people as they explore possibilities. As adults and teachers, we can learn so much from a child's natural desire to explore and discover. As Nietzsche said of maturity, that it is to "discover the seriousness he possessed as a child at play".


  2. Thanks for these suggestions David. I have a couple of places I search for creative commons images but have avoided google because it wasn't specific enough. I'll have a deeper look using the search strategies you suggest. It is really good practice for us all to find not only a great image, but one that we can use legitimately, with correct attribution.

  3.' Tania says:

    Great tips, thank you!  I definitely identify with the frustrations of doing a generic image search but these tips will hopefully make the process much faster next time! 

  4. Thanks -this is really useful. I had come across this recently myself but didnt quite believe it so it is great to have your confirmation.

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