Enhancing workflow on an iPad

Allanah King, a Blended eLearning facilitator with CORE, shares a method of sharing the learning, as well as providing a useful reference list for developing iPad skills.

At the end of last term I was asked to lead a couple of presentations for the Learning@School Conference Roadshow, run by CORE Education, here in Nelson. It was the first time such an event had been held in the provinces, and was very well-supported by locals and from those further afield.

The presentation, which I had not done before, was Enhancing Workflow with an iPad — combining apps to share the learning. Here it is below:


I didn't want to spend the time just talking to the teachers at the workshop. I wanted them to talk to each other—to share the learning that they already knew, becoming teachers themselves, thus knowing how to work their iPad to do the basics before we went on to more advanced learning.

I went down to the local supermarket beforehand, and bought a package of the now famous iPad cleaners as prizes, and made up a bingo board for each person.

The deal was that people had to walk around the room and find someone who could show them how to do the tasks on the bingo board. Once found, that person showed them; then they had to do the task themselves. Task completed, they could initial the bingo board. When they had five squares initialled in a row they yelled 'Allanah' and got a prize!

I was surprised by the number of people who carried on just as eagerly after they had got a prize—because they wanted to learn more. Eventually I felt I had to stop so we could move on to the more advanced learning, but the whole session went really well because it was an energiser as well as a great learning opportunity.

Here's the Bingo chart. See how you go! To make it easy for you to personalise and make the resource your own, I have made the bingo form into a Google Doc that you can copy and make your own with your own email address and the like.

iPad Bingo Chart — click on it to go to the Google Doc

The activity with all the links to the pdf tutorials and activities can be viewed and downloaded from the presentation above. It is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share Alike which means you are welcome to mash-up and repurpose the presentation but please acknowledge the source.

The activity was very well received with participants coming to me later saying how much they enjoyed the opportunity to move and talk and share rather than being talked to for the entire presentation.

You may like to try the same sort of thing when you next share your learning with others.

I later repeated the presentation at the BYOD Conference run by Learning NetworkNZ at Albany Senior High School in the holidays.

iPad Bingo at BYOD Conference at Albany Senior High School

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Allanah King

Allanah King is an experienced Regional ICTPD Facilitator, working extensively in Nelson with the Link Learning ICTPD Cluster. Allanah has posted assiduously on her own blog since 2007, sharing resources, tutorials, and presentations. She is a regular contributor to the Virtual Learning Network (VLN), and helped establish the iPad User Group, where New Zealand teachers can share and ask questions around the use of iOS technology in schools. She is a Google Certified Teacher and an Apple Distinguished Educator.

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  2. paula@switchonnz.com'
    Paula Jamieson says:

    Great blogpost. As always Allanah you have empowered and  in this case re-energised me, finding new and engaging ways to move a whole group along a learning continuum can often be a challenge in our role. I know how much more engaged I am role modelling the 'WOW' stuff on mobile devices and having to constantly revisit the basics can become tedious. Your ipad Bingo is a great way to ensure learners lead their own learning, while also providing 'supported' discovery time – I love it! Cheers, Paula 

    1. Allanah King says:

      Thank you Paula,

      Through a pingback to your ScoopIT page I have found a weath of new resources on your site.

      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment and share your resources too.



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  4. ht@linwoodcollege.school.nz'
    Brian Hutching says:

    What a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

  5. jkellow15@gmail.com'
    Jan-Marie Kellow says:

    I attended one of Allanah's workshops as a soon to be owner of an ipad. I knew very little about them. I played the Bingo game and as well as being good fun I learnt heaps of really useful things. Nice one Allanah!
    Oh, and the ipad cleaners which I bought are brilliant. :)

  6. carol.johnston@norrcom.com'
    Carol Johnston says:

    Wow! Allanah this is such a great idea – thank you! Carol

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