CORE’s Ten Trends released for 2013

CORE Education 2013 Ten Trends: showcasing the future from CORE Education Digital Media on Vimeo.

CORE's Ten Trends 2013 launched at ICOT

The recent ICOT conference in Wellington provided an excellent forum to launch CORE's Ten Trends for 2013, with an audience comprised of educators from around New Zealand as well as a number of international delegates.

Approach to the ten trends

This year we have worked hard to develop the trends further, attempting to distinguish them from the 'predictions' published by many other groups and sites. Rather than focus specifically on particular technologies or 'fads' in and of themselves, we've used these things to help illustrate our trends, and to provide examples of how we see things developing. Thus, our Ten Trends headings describe broad, yet significant movements that are impacting on our work as educators.

A useful way of thinking about this is to consider a photograph of a river. A snapshot will provide a clear focus image of the river, captured in a particular instant of time. A time exposure provides you with an image of the pattern forming as the water flows. We want our trends to be more like the latter, providing teachers and school leaders with ideas and examples to enable them to begin thinking about the impact that some of these things may have in their particular context, and, more importantly, to be thinking 'ahead of the game' in terms of how they might respond to these things as the trends continue to evolve and become mainstream.

Nothing to be scared of. Let's discuss the trends and their implications

The trends are not intended to provoke alarm or reaction, rather, they are intended to provoke discussion and future-focused thinking. The examples and illustrations provide a mix of future-focused thinking with examples of things that are happening currently in schools that are leading the way in some of these areas.

Please feel free to use the Ten Trends slide show, the videos, and the matrix in your staff meetings or more widely with community groups and students, and if you'd like to have any of the CORE team come and provide further input, please don't hesitate to ask.

Unfolding detail and resources

During the course of the year we'll be publishing further information about each of the trends, with more examples and illustrations, and an opportunity for you to contribute your thoughts and ideas through the forums we'll be hosting online. In addition, the Ten Trends will be a focus of CORE's breakfast sessions in regional centres around the country, providing an opportunity to engage in discussion in these forums also.

It's important to remember that these are not predictions, they're trends. We'd really love to hear from you about things you consider could be used as examples or illustrations, or of areas that you consider we should be thinking about as we develop our trends in future years.

Further information:

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