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  1. I've had the iPad mini in my Genmob bag for a month now, it shares with my Asus Transformer. Sometimes I don't sleep too well so I pass the time following blogs. When I go to write a comment using the Asus tablet a frustrating nightmare begins, trying to get the cursor to go where I want it to. Making an edit is no fun at all. But on the iPad mini the cursor goes exactly where I want and the little magnifying glass thingy works a treat. On the Asus, swype is awesome and I can type in half the time with far fewer corrections. However, on the iPad mini my thumbs can meet in the middle. Nothing can beat the Retina display of the iPad mini… a word is worth a thousand pictures any day and I can see the words without my glasses on the iPad mini. There is a greater variety of Android apps I think, more diversity. But I have found some much better apps for the things I use my tablet for… modeling, storyboarding, cartooning, FX camera and stuff like that. If I had to give one up it would be bye bye Asus.

  2. […] most important part, in my view, was the release of the iPad Mini with retina display. In a post from last year when the mini was first released I outlined how the iPad mini was a much better form factor […]

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