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  1.' Sharon Wendt says:

    A Great review Tania, I enjoyed reading it. i am probably one of the ones who will wait and see. I will certainly check out discussions about it on the VLN.

  2.' Anjela Webter says:

    An interesting read thanks Tania. I think the options of  'choice' over iPad or mini has been taken out of our hands so to speak with Apple's latest news. The iPad 2 is now discontinued (news came out last week) and the New iPad (3) has been discontinued already, which is an interesting marketing strategy. The disparity in cost between a mini and an iPad 4 means schools, ECE, and parents will look seriously at the mini as the 'only' option unil Apple do their 'next thing' whatever that may mean, or Android tablet makes may seize the day. The iPad 2 offered all the necessary attributes of the Apple touchscreen digital device and ecosystem of the Apple Ed world, and was affordable as such. There are only so many units left to sell now. It is a fluid environment, proving again that adaptability and sound pedagogy are the core always. 

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