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  1. […] to be one step ahead of the students?  Could they be teaching you new tricks?  Head over to the Core Education blog, plenty to see other there today as they explore data engagement and what it means for education. […]

  2.' DK says:

    So much good stuff for the brain here – thanks Michael – blogged about this yesterday which illustrates another mashup of social data set (this time Facebook 'likes') being used in retail clothes hangers-full blog post where I come up with some other ideas of where it can be used:

    1.' Michael Winter says:

      Thanks for y our response DK. Not sure about the currency of likes stuff – sounds like it could easily degenerate into cyber bullying if not carefully monitored!

  3.' Michael Winter says:

    Thanks to Paula Eskett (eFellow) for drawing my attention to this TED talk which compares information with food:
    “If you thought about the information you consumed, like you do about the food you consume, what would you do differently?” – J.P.Rangaswami.

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