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  1. This is a great way to share what's happening in the classroom with whānau and the wider school community. 
    I know as a parent, I would value this window into what's happening in my child's day and the opportunities for conversations about learning it provides. As a teacher – it looks like an easy and effective way to engage with the school community.
    I've shared this in the Enabling e-Learning: Teaching community as well :)

  2.' Dave says:

    Very effective and good way to have a look at class dynamics during the day.  Thanks Mark I enjoyed that.

  3.' Tamara Bell says:

    Ka mau te wehi Mark, this is an easy way to bring the classroom learning into the home, and if I was still teaching in a classroom I would absolutely pinch this idea and do the same for my students and their whānau. I'm jealous of your parents as I would love to see what happens at my children's school!

  4.' Deb Mitchell says:

    That was brilliant!  What a fantastic idea.  It really gives an insight into our four walls and the business of the day – awesome – keep up the great work Mark.

  5.' Melinda says:

    What an awesome idea :)  It really shows the "busy-ness" of a classroom.  I'd love to give this a go in my room!!

  6.' Mark says:

    Nice work! What time lapse programme did you use?

    1. The programme is called, 'Gawker.'  You can download it to your desktop and use the webcam to take the footage.  I used my school macbook pro and set it up in the corner.  Very easy to use and made a pretty decent image for a free programme.

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