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  1. My Samsung Galaxy S phone came with Thinkfree Office. This enables viewing, editing and creation of Word, Excel and Powerpoint files and emailing or drop boxing any of them (along with other sharing options). I’m surprised it’s not available for your Samsung tablet.

  2. Thanks Michael, will have to give that a go. Could change my decision :-)

  3.' Barb says:

    I have  a school who has purchased Asus tablets which seem fine to use. However, I am having trouble getting some recommended apps for maths and literacy. Do you have any recommendations? 

  4. Hi, I'm from HAMK University of Applied Sciences and working in a project called Mobiilisti (MobiLearn, In this project we develop new ways for using mobile devices in education. Weare using Samsung Galaxy tabs in piloting. In this new Samsung Galaxy 10.1 there is Polaris Office which works well with MS Office documents. You're even able to edit them.

  5.' Chris says:

    I find the most frustrating thing about tablets in the classroom is the incompatability with a number of web tools – Google Docs simply does not work as well. It's a real limiting factor on a tablet when you cannot properly use the collaboration tools that work perfectly on netbooks and laptops.  

  6.' Eric says:

    Is there a way of wirelessly getting my samsung to my overhead projector 

  7.' Janet Henderson says:

    Last year, my NE to year 3 class were lucky enough to purchase 15 Samsung Galaxy S2 devices. During the holidays Ive been setting them up hand down loading apps for my reading and maths rotation. Your comments have been very helpful. Thanks


  8. The Samsung Galaxy Tab is a very solid tablet. Its highlights are a great battery life, recent software and an overall good performance. While the display is good overall, it offers an HD resolution only and is not laminated. A couple of direct competitors offer very similar hardware at a cheaper price.

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