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  1.' DK says:

    Great insight into the potential and functionality of an iPad – thanks also for the app suggestions as well which I'm going to check out now…

  2. Thanks for the heads up with some of those apps … I agree with your observations re the ipad – editing within google docs is still a bit of a pain with the ipad, but I'm sure it won't be long before these kinds of issues are resolved … :)

  3.' Jacqui says:

    Thanks for the review. I too took my iPad to ULearn. The first time I had relied on an iPad and had no laptop as back up. It was great. I could do everything I wanted to on it quickly, easily and effortlessly. I didn't miss the laptop and it was so much lighter and easier to carry around. :)

  4.' Tracy says:

    Thanks for the great feedback everyone.  Im always looking for other like minded people to bounce ideas off so i'm glad some of mine have been useful. Ive even convinced the principal at my school that we dont need extra keyboards for the kids since the keyboard function is so easy to use.  Looking forward to setting up my 1:1 ipad class for next year.  Anyone out there who has one?  Tips/ Troubleshooting? Apps suggestions?

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