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  1. Nice metaphor! I work in two different 'Google Apps' workplaces and the confusion of all of those docs can be pretty overwhelming at times! I've even set up the Google 'collections' organisation for one of them and can be one of the worst at filing them properly when I am a champion when dealing with my own files on my computer. Lost in docs is a common problem of mine. Thankfully, the search is pretty good :-)

  2.' Karen Melhuish says:

    Completely relate to this, Jedd.
    My solution has involved the equivalent of buying multiple pairs of black socks so I can always find a pair. In other words, I duplicate key docs, by organising them (right click on doc titles) in multiple folders. One folder might be shared, but another is mine, all mine, and not for sharing.
    Have I shared enough dirty washing in pubic there?!;-)

  3. @jedd says:

    Nice tip Karen, thanks.

    And then there's the pair you keep at home for when you can't get to the cloud – and the one in dropbox, now which one is the most current? Let me see…

  4.' DK says:

    Hey man – groovy post ;-)
    If there was a tshirt with "I love google docs… " on, I would wear it!
    Couldn't really relate though as the use of collections (folders for those who are new to gdocs) / starring (used when I'm currently working on a doc so I can find them quickly) / the hide function (feels like I'm the only on the planet who knows about this – basically, it enables you to tidy up your 'home' view by selecting a document and go up to 'more'… option in there) etc… all means I only share 'clothes' (documents) when I need to, only have the 'wardrobe' stocked with the things I need and if all else fails I have a great butler (the search) to source the missing socks for me…

  5. @jedd says:

    Hey DK –  as with all fancy software it's the shortcuts and special tricks that make it work for us. Thanks for the tips.

    Next step is figuring out how to stop owners throwing away my favourite pair of old shoes –  deleting last year's docs that I want to go back and use again. It's not as though we're going to run out of space :-)

  6.' Helen Cooper says:

    Great analogies… as a parent, I quickly discovered the need to 'model' to kids how we look for our belonging when we lose them, so thay have some strategies for finding their rugby shorts or favourite T shirt when ithey're not where they're expected  to thanks for the link…timely!

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