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  1. Thanks for the link. My abrstract for presentation for the K12 On Line conference on QR codes has been accepted. As soon as the milestone os completed I will be working on it! Fun times.

  2. […] There was great level of excitement at Whangarei Primary School at the end of Term 3, 2011 as the students shared their learning about QR Codes with the junior class. Lots of planning and initial work had gone in to this event which focused around the school inquiry on Pirates. You can read more about the planning in our earlier blogpost. […]

  3.' Mindy says:

    Hi,  I have been so fortunate to be part of a pilot program in my school district using iPods with QR codes.  We have received 20 iPods for our classroom (which is almost a class set) and I am excited to learn what we can do with them.  I want to make this successful for our district so they will provide this technology to the other classrooms across the county.  I would love to have an open dialogue with you about what new things you are trying with QR codes.  Thanks for the post!

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