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  1. […] What’s the Parent’s Role in This?, Schools Can Help Protect Children From Cyberbullying, and Safe and Sound; Strategies or Cybersafety.  I have also talked to our ICT at school and our guidance counsellors.  All this gives me a […]

  2.' Tessa Gray says:

    Hi there Esartguy,
    Great commentary in your blog post. As a parent, I too have to keep myself in check and go…hey what does this mean for our own kids at home? Saying ‘I trust my child when they’re online’, may not be enough, when being online is as easy as having a mobile device (phone, iPad) with Internet access.
    Just as important as knowing about the issues, is having some simple strategies to deal with them. I've added a comment to your blog post with some additional ideas on ways to manage cybersafety and digital citizenship at home.
    I agree,  it's really important to pay attention our own and our kid's digital footprint.
    Tess :)

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