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  1. Jocelyn Wright says:

    I had the priviledge of attending this conference with Ruta and like Ruta, was challenged to think about Pasifika students currently in New Zealand education contexts. A real challenge for NZ teachers is to engage with or use the prior cultural experiences of students. For example, I had never thought that writing a sermon would be so similar to the structure of writing a research report until listening to one of the presentations. Thanks for your reflections Ruta. You pose very real issues and cultural insights.

  2.' Rose Odlin says:

    Hi. Can you tell me who wrote this. For my appraisal in ECE I am researching how to support Pasifika tamaiti to transition successfully to school. In my reflection I want to include this blog but can’t see the author or date. Many thank s

    1.' admin says:

      Kia ora Rose, the author of this post is Ruta McKenzie and original publication date was 10/08/2011.

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