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  1. HERE HERE there is a huge need to ensure quality care and education and the sad very sad fact is it is not across the board there are some really unsafe and insecure centres out there that are not up to date and are not doing their best for the children of the future in NZ.    It is almost heartbreaking to have been awarded for high quality education from having 100% qualified teachers to now only having to reach 80% causing funding to not be as adequate which equals less funds for ensuring we have the best environment and equipment for all areas of play and for our teacher PD.  I truely hope this changes for the beneifit of our whanau, teachers and most importnatly our children of NZ. J X

  2.' Manu Caddie says:

    What has happened to the 2011 report and consultation summary, all copies seem to have been erased from the internet?! 

    1. Tara Fagan says:

      Kia Ora

      Thanks for your comment Manu.  The Report from the Advisory Group on Early Learning references the consultation report and summary which might be helpful.   You can access this here.  

      Keep in touch.

      1. Thanks. I found a copy of the 2011 report via a university library – weird that MOE seems to have tried to make it disappear. 

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