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  1.' David says:

    Great article, Ali, and makes a pertinent point.

    Winstone Churchill is another example of the right leader for a time of crisis. His outspoken views towards many of the policies of the time, even of his own party and various lobby groups he belonged to, (including his strong support for King Edward VIII during the abdication crisis),left him to wallow in his “wilderness years”. But his constant belligerent, but unheeded, warnings about Hitler before the war, made him “just the right man” to replace Chamberlain once it became clear Chamberlain had “messed up”. Once the war was over, the nation ousted both Churchill and his party in the next election—that’s gratitude for you!—or, as you say, another leadership style was required.

  2. Seems ducks are the same everywhere. I actually have an intimate knowledge of storm water drains after being upside down in one rescuing three ducklings after mother duck walked her brood over the grate.

    Was a great evening for bringing the whole street together and we got the ducklings back to mum :)

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