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  1.' David says:

    Thanks Jocelyn for some very astute observations and clear outline of many of the issues facing early childhood services and staff.

    It’s very much a time for a lot of patience, selflessness, care, oversight, as well as reflection. And strong, clear, inspiring leadership.

  2.' Moana Smith says:

    Kia Ora
    I'm jfrom Auckland and we are participating in the "Get ready to shake out" on the 26th September 2012.
    My question is for how do we ensure the safety of our infants when the ration is 4chn to 1teacher.
    How did the Earlychildhood centre in a real life suituation cope and handle a real earthquake.
    Please dont regard me as a smart ass, i felt for Christchurch during that time as my whanau were there too.
    ECE educator
    Moana Smith

    1. Jocelyn Wright says:

      Kia ora Moana
      I appreciate your inquiry and need to tell you that all of our teachers in Christchurch attended to children's safety in the very best way that they could on the day – regardless of ratios! The ways they did this could not always be planned for in advance — it was about making wise decisions at the time and for the situation each teacher found themselves in. Some stories teachers from under two areas have shared with me have been  about laying down with children snuggly alongside, or grabbing infants and placing them together under a table, or getting under a table and holding on to children and to the table. Keeping eye contact with children and verbally comforting them was also important during the shaking. You can't physically be with every child.

      I think an important thing to remember in your planning is that you need adults and children to get into the safest position wherever they are. There is no time and it's not safe, or possible, to walk or move across the centre to children. Once the movement is over it is about the ways you make sure you are there for the children. Maybe we will hear from some ChCh teachers in this space about what they did and how they reacted/responded. We can be very proud of the fact that no child or adult was injured or lost in an ECE centre, so teachers certainly did everything right on the day.

      All the best for your Shake Out experience on the 26th!

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