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  1. And a pool of teachers and friends around New Zealand who know kids and want to help but don’t know exactly how.

    Can we Skype children into our classes? Share our learning with kids in their own homes, make connections that way.

  2. Hi Allanah
    a great idea – thanks for sharing it. At the moment in CHCH there are several of us working with the MoE to find how we can integrate these sorts of suggestions into the plan they have for accommodating classes and students as they return to school. Some good thinking is emerging, but we’re unable to commit to anything fully until schools actually go back (beginning tomorrow) and we have an idea of exactly what the situation is. I’ll certainly add your offer to our list of considerations and get back to you with how you can best help

  3. Diane Mills says:

    One site that senior maths and science students could use is: Salman Khan’s Khan Academy As it is described on the website: ‘What started out as Sal making a few algebra videos for his cousins has grown to over 2,100 videos and 100 self-paced exercises and assessments covering everything from arithmetic to physics, finance, and history.’ And it is free. Bill Gates rates him as his favourite teacher.

  4.' Tish Glasson says:

    Good one Derek, some of us at Te Kura are happy to be involved and interested in what this blended approach might mean for secondary students in the future. Certainly Mike Hollings is thinking forward away from the ‘kids in rows of desks’ model.
    Getting our resouces on line for anyone in a CH school was a paradigm shift for Te Kura/The Correspondence School. It certainly raised a few eyebrows around here the day it happened.
    In science, we are going further with the New NCEA where we are asking students to construct their own course from the 30 something standards offered at Level One. This has an on-line component which parallels the hard-copy booklets (also available as downloads) but is only available to Te Kura students,
    However in science, I hope we are accepting the challenge, and I for one am pleased to see we have kicked out the old School C model of Level One science which students were finding increasingly irrelavant.

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