He kōrerorero, he whakaaro (discussion and thinking)

This blog is the mouthpiece of CORE’s staff on behalf of CORE.

Our goal: to assist educators.

CORE Education’s staff are qualified, skilled and experienced in their respective fields. They have an enormous amount to offer educators and those involved in education. The CORE blog is where staff are able to offer:

  • intelligent, thought-provoking, and inspiring commentary on things happening in the world of education
  • useful and practical reviews on technologies, software, web sites, systems, life-hacks, and anything that improves the life and work of the educator
  • insight into emerging technologies that affect, or will affect education, and you!  CORE’s Ten Trends will obviously feature here regularly.
  • updates and up-to-the-minute findings and happenings in educational research
  • interviews with thought leaders and those who influence education here in New Zealand and around the world
  • inspirational stories of people in schools, education centres and organisations—a teacher, administrator, principal, or pupil—whoever has made some kind of impact and assisted others in their attitudes to learning.

We will also let you know about what’s happening around the multiple areas of CORE’s activities. We won’t bore you with our picnics, staff functions, and the latest baby—unless it’s going to be of interest and help to you!

Please leave your comments and ideas!

Join in the discussion—comment on our blog!

We are very keen to discuss with you the issues we all feel are important to the development of education.

About CORE Education

CORE Education is a non-profit organisation devoted to education. You can find out more about CORE at the CORE web site.

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